Deep Tissue - Structural Bodywork

The style of bodywork I do comes from Rolfing which was developed by Ida Rolf and passed through the Soma lineage to the Massage School of Santa Monica where I learned it from Garnet Dupois. (Hellerwork is the other important lineage.) I don't follow the 10 session protocol she devised and is still pushed by some adherents because I feel it is too compartmentalized and authoritarian. (No disrespect to her. All therapists must go their own way.)

Rather, if a person sees me regularly and wants me to cover the whole body, I will most often alternate it between 2 sessions: Upper body from the waist up and lower body from the base of the rib cage down. (The overlapping core is common to both torsos.) In this way I can preserve the holistic goals of the original discipline while allowing for the flexibility to treat specific conditions. Moreover, if he/she wants me to focus exclusively on either the upper or lower torso for multiple sessions I will do this as well. It is all about what the client needs.

Also, since early 2018 at the request of one of my gung ho clients I have started to offer three hour full body sessions.